Roger Waters + Eric Clapton - 1984 - Chicago Soundboard [lossless]

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Roger Waters feat. Eric Clapton
Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, Illinois


01 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
02 Money
03 If
04 Welcome To The Machine
05 Have A Cigar
06 Wish You Were Here
07 Pigs On The Wing (Part 1)
08 In The Flesh
09 Nobody Home
10 Hey You
11 The Gunners Dream


01 4:30am (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)
02 4:33am (Running Shoes)
03 4:37am (Arabs With Knives And West German Skies)
04 4:39am (For The First Time Today Part 2)
05 4:41am (Sexual Revolution)
06 4:47am (The Remains Of Our Love)
07 4:50am (Go Fishing)
08 4:56am (For The First Time Today Part 1)
09 4:58am (Dunroamin, Duncarin, Dunlivin)
10 5:01am (The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking)
11 5:06am (Every Strangers Eyes)
12 5:11am (The Moment Of Clarity)
13 Brain Damage
14 Eclipse

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