Pink Floyd - 1988 - Nassau Soundboard [lossless]

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Pink Floyd
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
August 20th 1988

Une des 5 dates enregistrées pour les disques et les video Delicate Sound of Thunder.

Disc 1 - First Set

01  Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts 1-5)
02  Signs Of Life
03  Learning To Fly
04  Song Intro
05  Yet Another Movie
06  Round and Round
07  A New Machine Pt 1
08  A Terminal Frost
09  A New Machine Pt 2
10  Sorrow (Pt 1 - Cuts)
11  Sorrow (Pt 2)
12  The Dogs of War
13  Song Intro
14  On The Turning Away

Disc 2 - Second Set

15  One of These Days
16  Time
17  On The Run
18  The Great Gig In The Sky
19  Wish You Were Here
20  Welcome To The Machine
21  Us and Them
22  Money
23  Another Brick in the Wall (Pt 2)

Disc 3 - second Set and Encores

24  Banter and Applause
25  Comfortably Numb
26  Encore Applause
27  One Slip
28  Run Like Hell

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Seaweed Gate

Seapage from deep, black, brittle experiments which failed and transformations too hard to find. I was overcome and turned to red. Duster's dust became the sale.  Lucifer the light. A restless motion came to move and then subside. In endless knocking at the door. It's time. Tyranny & Mvtation.


Bravo et merci beaucoup pour tout ces partages.
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J'ai loupé ce lien....
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Perso, je trouve ce live superbe, même meilleur que les soundboard de melbourne ou de miami.

Merci pour tous ces downloads.  :super:


Bonjour, pourrais-je s'il vous plait avoir le lien pour télécharger "Pink Floyd - 1988 - Nassau Soundboard" ? Les commentaires me donnent envie et je suis FAN du Floyd ! Merci par avance, cordialement, Nikolaz


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