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Siam est une chanson de Nick Mason parue en 1981 sur Fictitious Sports. Elle dure 4 min 46 s. Paroles et musique sont de Carla Bley.

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Siam sur Fictitious Sports



Here’s another song about a place near Hong Kong
They got lots of opium and Lapsang Southong
Siam, Siam

All the fancy pussycats come from this area
Also got a lot of animals that scare ya
Siam, Siam\

Python legs are poached in slimy toad saliva
After eating that I’m lucky I’m aliva
I am, yes I am

Ask the King if you can stay to sample cuisine
Maybe he will even let you dine with the Queen
Siam, Siam

Nicest little place i live in since Budapest
If you think that I’m in love, you’re right, I Confess
I am, I am, yes I am, with Siam
I am, I am, yes I am, with Siam

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