Roger Waters : DVD tournée DSOTM 2006-2008

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Roger Waters Latest News We have had some terrific news from Roger's Manager. As suspected, it's been confirmed that Roger IS working on a 'film' of his spectacular Dark Side Of The Moon live show (tour 2006-2008) however at this time no release date is scheduled. In addition, you may have noticed that Roger's official web site is currently down. This is due to a major redevelopment of the site, as work is currently underway on a new Pink Floyd Website on which the individual members will also feature. Stay tuned to AFG for all the OFFICIAL news

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roger keith

Ca c'est de la nouvelle.

Il y a interêt qu'il s'en donne du mal parce que vu les dvds bootlegs qui existe, il y a interêt que ça envoit XD.