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Cromwell Road

Syd Barrett a vécu quelques temps dans un appartement au 101 Cromwell Road à Londres, avec sa petite amie Lindsay Corner (début 1967). C’était une collocation avec, entre autres, Duggie Fields, Mick Rock et Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon. C’est ce même Nigel Gordon qui tient la caméra dans le DVD Syd’s First Trip.
L’immeuble n’existe plus aujourd’hui.


« 101 Cromweel Road was a fantastic building ranging over six floors, with quite a grand entrance and stairway. 101 must have been grand once upon a time. Large rooms on the first two fllors with high ceilings, beautiful old sash windows and lovely wide, heavy doorways, wide enought for Victorian ladies to get through with hooped skirts. The flat overlooked what must have been a beautiful garden, all overgrown by now and not accessible to tenants. The top two floors had ben servants’ quarters, though still grand, especially on the lower floor, witch had been the nursery. »

Jenny Spires 1), extrait de Dark Globe de Julian Palacios.
« He lived for a time in a flat in the Cromwell Road with various characters, acid-in-the-reservoir, change-the-face-of-the-world acid missionaries. Everyone knew that if you went round to see Syd, never have a cup of tea, never take a glass of water unless you got it yourself from the tap, because everything in that flat was spiked. »

John Marsh 2), extrait de No Man's Land de Robert Sandall.
« 101 Cromwell Road was the catastrophic flat where Syd got acided out. He had one of our cats and they even gave the cats acid. I don’t think they were evil geniuses deliberately trying to fuck with Syd’s mind, they were just heavy, loony messianic acid freaks. As soon as we realised what was going on we moved him out of Cromwell Road into a flat in South Ken, where he lived with Storm and Po (Thorgerson and Powell, Hypgnosis), but by then it was too late. »

Peter Jenner, extrait de No Man’s Land de Robert Sandall.
« The Cromwell flat, since 1965, had been a critical nexus for underground (and illicit) activities of every shade and stripe. Painters, musicians, eccentrics, mystics and freaks mixed with film stars, pop icons and slumming hip young aristocrats. »

Julian Palacios, extrait de Dark Globe.
« The Pink Floyd used to rehearse in the flat and I used to go downstairs and put on Smokey Robinson as loud as possible. I just remember being surrounded by the Pink Floyd and hundreds of groupies instantly. » >
Duggie Fields, extrait de Dark Globe de Julian Palacios.
« People were in and out all the time for LSD. Between our rooms was a peculiar man, Alberto Polyblanc, a lecturer, total mystery and hermit. In the flat on the top Duggie Fields lived, and Dick Beck. Upstairs, were Syd later lived, there were all students. »

« There were always people at Cromwell. On gorgeous girl, Nina – sixteen, if that – spent one whole summer smoking opium, and not going out. We didn’t see her as dysfuntionnal. Her mother had a problem with it, and called the police. A girl turned up who was mentally subnormal, about eleven. We didn’t know were she came from. Hesper Page and Sue Kingsford found her in the street and brought her in. We kept her for the weekend. She went home but kept running away to Cromwell; the police was always after her. She was in care somewhere and never had such a good time as when she was with us. She was allowed to be part of things. »

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, extrait de Dark Globe de Julian Palacios.


<googlemap lat=“51.495024” lon=“-0.184739” type=“satellite” zoom=“18”> 51.495024,-0.184739,101 Cromwell Road. </googlemap>

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