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St Margaret's Square

La maison de Syd Barrett, quand il y habitait encore

La maison de Syd Barrett, de 1981 jusqu’à sa mort en 2006. C’était à l’origine la maison de sa mère. Syd y menait une vie paisible, loins de l’agitation de la cité londonienne. Quelques mois après le décès de Syd, sa famille a vendu la maison aux enchère, ainsi que ses effets personnels.


Quelques citations de Rosemary Breen, la soeur de Syd Barrett à propos de sa vie à St Margaret’s Square.

In 1981 Roger returned to Cambridge from London and settled into the smaller back bedroom. After a while it was clear that Roger needed more space and my mother cam to stay with us, initially on a temporary basis that ultimately became permanent.
Roger loved the peace and quiet of St Margarets Square, hearing the children in the road playing and enjoying cycling to the local shops. He put his stamp on the house with frequent redecoration, building his own furniture, changing doors etc. In the front room he did his drawing and painting and wrote at length about art history. In the back room he relaxed and enjoyed listening to jazz. Upstairs he slept in all the bedrooms deciding which one as the mood took him. He had plans to use the loft as an art studio but never quite got round to it.
The only intrusion to his peace being the occasional visits from fans. He could never understand why strangers wanted his time as the reason for his fame was always a mystery to him. His neighbours were very protective regarding his fan base and would sometimes deny all knowledge of him or even say he lived in the next road. He lived contently like this for 23 years until his death in July 2006.


Photos pour la mise en vente

Mystery Jets

Photo des Mystery Jets dans la maison, avant qu’elle ne soit vendue. C’est un groupe de musique dont les membres sont fans de Syd.


<googlemap lat=“52.186319” lon=“0.1481” type=“satellite” zoom=“19”> 52.186319,0.1481, La maison de St Margaret’s Square. </googlemap>

Emplacement de la maison de St Margaret’s Square.

  • Adresse : 6 St Margaret’s Square, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1.

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