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I Never Lied to You

I Never Lied to You est une chanson de Syd Barrett, parue en 1970 sur l’album Barrett. On la retrouve sur la compilation Wouldn't You Miss Me (2001).


I Never Lied to You

There will be shoulders pressing in the hall
And I won’t know if you’re here at all
There will be wine and drinking in the yard
There won’t be anybody very hard
There will be lots of things that we can do
And all and more will be for you
Everything I knew I tried with you
But everything to you was never easy
So I went ahead around my world
I saw the things you do arriving by your side
To see you looking too
But I know this. I know, I never lied to you
It’s been just like you’re gone
For just one day for so long!
It’s been so hard to bear with you not there
But though I think of you, the things you do
When I’m with you, to be with you,
To be alone… can only think
‘Why I am here? What’s meant to be?’

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I Never Lied to You sur Barrett

I Never Lied to You sur Wouldn't You Miss Me?

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